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Business Challenge

Buying software is a significant financial investment—one that’s frequently fraught with complex decisions about software components, licensing and terms. Target software & Solution shouldn’t just be technically excellent—it should also support and conform to your business needs and goals.

Even if you already own software & Applications licenses, it can be challenging and potentially time-consuming to manage software licensing agreements.  These types of licensing situations have a direct impact on your yearly IT Operational cost. To save money and ensure compliance, you need to optimize these arrangements but doing so can be confusing and time-consuming.

Our Solution

Almozan Trading is a trusted advisor and respected Technology partner authorized to sell Oracle, Red Hat, Quest Software and Microsoft products licenses. With years of Software licensing experience, we reduce the complexity of purchasing and owning software for our clients; in-result reduces your IT Operations cost.

We analyze your current licensing solution against your actual software installation to maintain compliance, reduce costs and optimize your software investment.

Our recommendations for licensing alternatives include licensing types, product editions, licensing metrics, and perpetual versus term licenses.

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