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An effective, well-managed IT system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, implemented properly, effectively managed and monitored; can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency.

IT is challenging to get right and expensive to get wrong — not only in terms of money spent but also in lost efficiency and potential regulatory infringements.

Today’s challenging economic conditions provide a compelling reason for organizations to review their IT solutions to ensure they are delivering maximum value and are aligned with the organization’s business strategy and goals.

  • On-site Support Services from highly experienced certified consultants
  • Assistance & taking Ownership of Critical Services Requests (SR)
  • Performance assessment and tuning of Oracle Infrastructure
  • Establish disaster recovery/Contingency Planning
  • Proactive problem avoidance through Oracle Health-Checks
  • Design & Implement Backup strategies and Recovery plans
  • Capacity Planning and resolution
  • Identify and resolve known security vulnerabilities issues
  • Oracle Best-Practice Implementations for Oracle Database & E-Business Suite
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