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Pro-active approach, to protect your organization from the probable effects of natural/force Majeure or man-made events, is vital. Almozan Trading use proven methodologies and best practices to analyze and assess current state of Business Continuity Management program, to identify and mitigate gaps. It is essential to develop, implement, exercise and maintain robust business continuity plans to respond, recover, continue and resume within acceptable time-frames; in case of an unforeseen incident. Almozan Trading is specialized in providing quality services to build resilience, protect reputation, safeguard brand and preserve customer loyalty. We also ensure that BCM program is compliant to industry best practices and international standards. Almozan Trading also assist to implement/comply with regulatory frameworks, conform to international standards, assist in audit process and meet certification requirements; and support stakeholder’s expectations and confidence.

Almozan Trading Technologies provide consulting for the following quality services with strong local (ANB, NCB) & global (Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Poland & India) experience & exposure in financial industry.

• Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle implementation
• Disaster Recovery
• Business Continuity Strategy
• Business Continuity Management Governance
• Risk Assessment & Management
• Emergency Management
• Crisis Management

• BCM Compliance (ISO 22301) Certification Gap Analysis & Implementation
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Exercise (Operational)
• Crisis Management Exercise (Strategic)
• BCM Program Maintenance
• Training and Awareness Services
• Alternate Site (Business Continuity Center) Development/Outsourcing

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